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Unlocking Skills in the Auxiliary>Misc Tree will help to maximize the efficiency of the player's equipped Consumables and increase the number of Consumables the player's 'Mech can equip. All 'Mechs only possess a single inherent Consumable Slot. Additional Slots - up to five in total - can be unlocked by investing into the Auxiliary Tree.

Under the Skill Tree all C-Bill and MC Consumables of the same type are now evenly matched in their fundamental capabilities. A C-Bill UAV and an MC UAV will both possess identical Range and identical Duration. Both will benefit from unlocking UAV Skill Nodes, as will all other Consumables benefit from their own associated Skill Nodes.

Consumable Slot
Adds an extra Consumable Slot to your 'Mech.
UAV Duration
Increases the duration of your UAV.
UAV Range
Increases the detection range of your UAV.
Extra UAV
Enables you to bring an additional UAV into the fight (consumes its own slot).
Advanced Salvos
Increases the duration of Air and Artillery Strikes.
Expanded Reserves
Enables you to bring an additional Strike into the fight (consumes its own slot).
Enhanced Spotting
Increases the accuracy of Air and Artillery Strikes by 20%.
Capture Assist
Increases the rate at which you capture objectives.
Enhanced Coolshot
Increases the cooling efficiency of Cool Shot by 25%.
Coolant Reserves
Enables you to bring an additional Cool Shot into the fight (consumes its own slot).
Coolshot Cooldown
Reduces the cooldown duration before another Cool Shot can be used.
Enhanced NARC
Increases the velocity of a NARC projectile and its duration of effect.

Adapted from the May 2017 patch notes.