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There are over two dozen full-'Mech camouflage pattern available from the "Camo Spec" button in the MechLab. Selecting the "Pattern" button will display camo patterns. The defaulted "All" button shows all camo patterns available for the selected 'Mech. The "Owned" button shows all camo patterns owned for the selected 'Mech. The "Sale" button shows all camo patterns on sale. The drop menu alternates between patterns unlockable for the 'Mech chassis and one shot patterns available only for the selected 'Mech variant.

There are three ‘classes’ of Camo Patterns:

  • Basic (750 MC)
  • Premium (1250 MC)
  • Faction (1500 MC)

Mousing over each pattern will show a quick view of that pattern on the 'Mech. Selecting a pattern will allow for examination of the 'Mech in that pattern. MC will not be charged before hitting "Save" followed by a confirmation window.

Depending on the camo patterns there are two or three color options. Select the Color button to display over 200 colors available for all camo patterns.