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Faction Play is where highly-competitive MechWarriors fight for control over the Inner Sphere through distinct game modes. It places a strong emphasis on team cohesion and specialized 'Mech loadouts, and there is no skill-based matchmaking system in place. Faction Play matches are thus often comprised of experienced and well-organized Units of players running heavily customized 'Mechs.

Because this interface must work on many different monitors and resolutions, the Faction Play interface is very modular. The below images were taken on a 1920 x 1080 display.

Career Selection

FP Career.jpg

Players default to a "Freelancer". Go where you want, fight with who you want. Get paid. However, you do not receive Loyalty or Mercenary reputation points and the corresponding rewards.

Choosing the "Mercenary" career requires that you form or join a Unit (see below). You sign a contract with a Faction where you fight for them for a certain period of time. You also build up Mercenary reputation points that grant rewards: C-Bills, MC, GXP, cockpit items, premium time or 'Mech bays.

Choosing the "Loyalist" career means you fight only for that Faction. You an be a solo player or in a Unit. After a probation period you build up reputation points in your chosen Faction that grant rewards: C-Bills, MC, GXP, cockpit items, premium time or 'Mech bays.

Inner Sphere Map

FP Map.jpg

See how the campaign is going and what battles are being fought. The front lines change every eight hours.

FP Fort.jpg

Select a battlefield planet to see its description and recent battle history.


FP Faction.jpg

Choose your Faction.



FP Contract.jpg

Only Mercenary units may accept Faction Play contracts. Only players with such permissions within their Unit may take contracts.

Faction Reputation


Manage Drop Decks

War History

FP History.jpg

Scroll through the recent history of Faction Play battles. Sometimes there are Faction-specific events.