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Humanity's colonization into space was still young when the first Great Houses began to form. The Houses vied for control of space until the armies of Terra (Earth) conquered and unified them under the banner of the Star League. For a time, mankind began to advance beyond all expectation, achieving a golden age for human achievement.

This renaissance was cut short as the Star League succumbed to treachery and corruption. As the League ripped itself apart in civil war, what remained of its considerable armies fled to deep space to forge a new destiny. The Great Houses, now left unchecked, have embroiled the Inner Sphere in constant war for centuries.

Faction Play

Recreate the epic confrontation between the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere and the invading Clan forces. Fight against and alongside other players during one of the invasion windows to help your chosen Faction conquer or protect vital worlds. Strike out as a Lone Wolf, or form units with other players and compete to display your unit's tag above the planets you help capture. While the choice to become famous or infamous is yours, both will require skill and teamwork to attain.


Choose a side

The Great Houses are the best representation of the diversity between human civilizations. Each House has it's own pantheon of enemies and allies, and often supports vastly different ideals. In contrast the Clans are mostly homogeneous, with more subtle cultural distinctions between them. The Clans despise the perceived chaos of the Inner Sphere under control of the various Great Houses, and thus seek to unify the Inner Sphere through force.

Armed with ancient and forgotten technology, the Clan advance seems relentless and almost insurmountable. Outgunned and fractured, the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere must band together if they ever hope to defeat the invading Clan forces.

Define your role

In the time of the Invasion the Houses have begun to recruit at a lightning pace, accepting most entrants into their ranks to help stem the tide. Even the Clans have begun to shirk tradition and accept new recruits with little or no scrutiny. In this time of galactic turmoil Mercenary Units have emerged as powerful players, subsisting off a glut of new employment contracts. Factions pay C-Bills to these units and their enlisted soldiers for the completion of each mission they accept.



Those who remain loyal to the factions can expect to be awarded with the honor of rank and awards commensurate with their singular dedication, but the price for severing a Loyalist contract is not to be ignored.



Mercenaries can expect to earn less lucrative rewards compared to loyalists, but may switch allegiances without penalty at the end of any contract.

Form a Unit

The goal of any MechWarrior is to eventually form a Unit and band together with other skilled pilots. There is no force in the galaxy able to withstand a well coordinated unit, and their services are sought by powerful Factions throughout the Inner Sphere and beyond. Some units fight in the name of these ruling factions, while others can be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

Conquer the Inner Sphere


Factions send their landing parties down to planets on their borders in a bid to wrest territories from its controllers. Every eight hours the results of the ongoing battle on the planet are calculated, and ownership of the planet is re-administered to the majority controller. The territorial lines of the Inner Sphere are redrawn each day as planets inevitably change hands.

The Great Houses have squabbled for centuries for absolute control of the Inner Sphere. With the powerful and unforgiving Clan invaders growing in power every day, there is new impetus to put aside their differences and work together to halt the rapidly advancing forces of their mutual enemy.

The Clans have one goal in mind: Terra, the homeworld of humanity. It is believed that the first Clan to reach Terra will be declared the sacred ilClan; the Clan destined to rule all others by right of conquest.