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Controls are set to the below configuration by default but can be remapped at any time.


W,A,S,D - Basic movement

R - Target 'Mech

Spacebar - Activate jump jets

L-Alt - Activate MASC

L-Shift - Unlock Arms

L-Ctrl - Freelook around the cockpit

Tab - View team scoreboard

Q - View sensor details

T,Y,U - Chat with All, Team or Lance players

H - Activate Heat vision

N - Activate Night Vision

Arrow Keys, Right Ctrl, Backspace - Select and modify weapon groups

Backslash - Alpha Strike

Numbers - Fire associated weapon group

Number Pad - Set throttle

F3 - Toggle 3rd person

P - Power on/off

O - Override overheat shutdown

Z - Toggle zoom level

V - Toggle advanced zoom

C - Center torso to legs

F - Center legs to torso

Home, Insert - Use consumables

J - Change ECM mode



1. Lance Status - Displays the names, health, chassis type and position of teammates in your lance.

2. Scoreboard - Indicates the time remaining in the match and score for each team.

3. Objectives - The objective status area shows either a capture bar or health meter for the current objective depending on the game mode.

4. Target Status - The Target Status Indicator displays the health, weapons and variant of the currently targeted 'Mech.

5. Compass - Displays sensor markers and the orientation of your legs and torso relative to the world.

6. Status Bar - Shows current electronic effects currently influencing your 'Mech. Also shows consumables or abilities your 'Mech is able to use.

7. Target Info - Displays the name, identification tag, health of and distance to the current target.

8. Reticule - Shows the orientation of the arms vs the torso as well as the status of weapon groups. Flashes red upon a successful enemy hit.

9. Weapons Panel - Shows the weapons, their status, ammo, cooldown and currently assigned weapon group.

10. Heat Indicator - Represents the current heat load affecting the 'Mech. If the heat reaches it's maximum the 'Mech will shutdown. If heat exceeds the maximum threshold by a large margin the 'Mech will begin to receive damage to its internals.

11. Coolant Meter - Shows the level of coolant available to rapidly cool the 'Mech. Only available with the "CoolShot" consumable.

12. Mini Map - Shows a representation of the environment around the 'Mech, enemy and friendly 'Mechs and any other objective markers.

13. Speed Indicator - Shows the throttle setting and current speed of your 'Mech.

14. Jump jet Fuel Indicator - Shows the fuel remaining for the jump jets. Fuel replenishes quickly once the jets are not in use. Only available on 'Mechs with Jump jets installed.

15. Mech Status - Shows the health of your 'Mech. The graphic display shows armor bordering the internal structure. Grey by default, damage is represented on each area via a color scale from yellow to red. If a section is missing it has been destroyed.



1. Take Company Command - Gives the player company command. The Company Commander may give orders to the entire team.

2. Take Lance Command - Gives the player lance command. The Lance Commander may give orders to players in their lance only.

3. Resign Command - Vacates the command position.

4. Lances - Displays each lance in the company and all associated players within them.

5. Commands - Displays the various types of command that may be given.

6. Map - Shows the combat area via satellite imagery.

7. Mech Markers - Shows the position of friendly 'Mech. Enemy 'Mechs that have been targeted by allies will also display on the map.

8. Objective Markers - Show the placement of objectives on the map.