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<span class="hilight-word">Lobby</span> - A room or queue that players use to set up private matches. Lobby's are present at other times in the game but are invisible to the user.
<span class="hilight-word">Lobby</span> - A room or queue that players use to set up private matches. Lobby's are present at other times in the game but are invisible to the user.
<span class="hilight-word">Location</span> -  A section of a 'Mech containing components: equipment and weapons. Locations have their own armor and internal hitpoints and may be destroyed independently of the rest of the 'Mech.
<span class="hilight-word">Lock</span> - Term for a target lock that is shared with the rest of a team.
<span class="hilight-word">Lock</span> - Term for a target lock that is shared with the rest of a team.
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<span class="hilight-word">LFG</span> - Looking for Group is a tool that allows players to find other pilots looking to form a semi-permanent play group.
<span class="hilight-word">LFG</span> - Looking for Group is a tool that allows players to find other pilots looking to form a semi-permanent play group.
<span class="hilight-word">Location</span> -  A section of a 'Mech containing components: equipment and weapons. Locations have their own armor and internal hitpoints and may be destroyed independently of the rest of the 'Mech.
<span class="hilight-word">Loyalist</span> - A permanent member of a faction, either by birthright or pledge of allegiance.
<span class="hilight-word">Loyalist</span> - A permanent member of a faction, either by birthright or pledge of allegiance.

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Achievement - An award given to players whom pass an important milestone or accomplish an impressive feat.

Active Probe - An advanced sensor system that speeds target data, increases sensor range and can detect ECM and shut down 'Mechs at close ranges.

Aerospace Fighter - The term applied to craft capable of both atmospheric and space flight. Aerospace craft utilize many of the same technologies used in BattleMechs and are tasked with gaining control of the skies and protecting Jumpships.

Air Strike - A consumable that allows the pilot to call down a strike by nearby allied aerospace fighters.

Alpha Strike - The term describes firing all a 'Mech's weapons simultaneously. Alpha strikes are seldom used as they often generate massive and unpredictable amounts of heat.

Ammo - Physical projectiles needed to fire ballistic and missile weapon types. Ammunition must be equipped on a 'Mech and consumes space and tonnage.

Ammo Explosion - Occurs when a critical hit destroys equipped ammo. Ammo explosions may spread to other nearby ammo items and cause a cascade of damage to the internal structures of a 'Mech.

AMS - Anti-missile System. Active missile defense utility equipment. Damages incoming missiles over time, prioritizing missiles aimed at the AMS-equipped 'Mech.

Arm Actuator - Allows a 'Mech to move its arms in all directions from the elbow.

Arm Lock - When enabled torso and arm mounted weapons aim at same location, thus reducing elevation range of arm mounted weapons.

Armor - The first layer of defense on a 'Mech, armor can be added or subtracted from the front or rear of components. The armor protects the internal structure of a component.

Artemis Guidance - A guidance system that improves missile tracking time and density. Artemis ammunition and launchers come at greater cost and weight than standard systems.

Artillery Strike - A consumable that designates an area for prompt artillery bombardment.

Assault - Heaviest weight class of BattleMech - 80 to 100 tons.

Auto Cannon - An automatically reloading ballistic cannon.


Badge - An icon used to identify the player's faction alignment. A secondary badge can be acquired through various events and promotions.

Battlefield Role - Roles describe the behavior and required actions a particular 'Mech should engage in. Roles are largely determined by the 'Mech weight class, loadout, and pilot combat style.

BattleMech - A large humanoid mechanized war machine driven by pilots referred to as a MechWarriors.

Bloodname - A special title of merit passed down from the most legendary warriors in Clan history.

Boat - A 'Mech carrying many of the same type of weapon. Laser boat and missile boat are examples of terms applied to 'Mechs with these weapon specific loadouts.

Bondsman - A captured soldier now in the service of the Clans.

Brawling - The act of fighting an enemy at close range while actively maneuvering.

Build - Specific configuration of a 'Mech chassis weapons, equipment and components.


Camo - Short for camouflage, it describes the color, patter and materiel on the exterior of your 'Mech. New camo can be purchased in the MechLab using MC.

C.A.S.E - Ammunition can explode if damaged inside a 'Mech, Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment or C.A.S.E. is used to prevent these explosions from spreading.

Caste - The Clans caste system consists of Warrior, Scientist, Technician, Merchant and Laborer classes. The Clans value the warrior caste above all others.

Capping - Jargon for capturing a position.

Clan - The Clans are descendants of the Star League Defense forces that fled to deep space to escape its destruction. Led by the teaching of their legendary leader Aleksandr Kerensky, the SLDF forces gradually transformed into the warlike Clans.

Clanner - An Inner Sphere insult for a Clansman.

Chassis - A particular design of BattleMech from which variants are derived.

Class - Category of 'Mech tonnage: Light (20-35 tons), Medium (40 - 55 tons), Heavy (60 - 75 tons), Assault (80 - 100 tons).

Cockpit - The space reserved for the pilot and control inside of a BattleMech's head section.

Cockpit Items - A vanity item that can be earned or purchased in the MechLab for MC. Visible to other players only when spectating.

Coffers - Coffers act as a bank for units to store large amounts of C-Bills for official unit use.

Command Console - Increases sensor range, target acquisition time and zoom level. Only available to Inner Sphere units.

Company - The term for three lances used by forces of the Inner Sphere.

Component - Items that can be placed within 'Mech locations - includes weapons, ammunition and equipment. Components can be destroyed in battle.

ComStar - A powerful interstellar communication's company from the days of the Star League. Comstar manages the operation of the ancient Hyper Pulse Generator communication system from its base on Terra.

ComStar Bills (C-Bills) - The primary currency used in MechWarrior Online. Used to purchase equipment and items used in loadout of 'Mechs.

Consumables - A module that is consumed on use. These systems allow for the one time use additional coolant, UAVs, air strikes and more.

Contracts - Contracts are offers for temporary employment offered by the various factions fighting in the Inner Sphere.

Cool Shot - A consumables that allows a pilot to flush it's 'Mech's internals with additional coolant, considerably dissipating excess heat.

Crit CT - An abbreviation describing 'Mech with a critically damaged center torso.

Critical Hit - Weapons may pierce the armor of a 'Mech and deliver a critical hit. Critical hits impact the internal systems of a component and cause equipped items to be destroyed.

Crusader Clan - A warlike doctrine representing one half of the Clans two main ideologies. Crusaders are compelled to conquer the Great Houses and resurrect the Star League anew.


Deathball - A team of 'Mechs moving and battling in tight formation.

Dezgra - A pejorative Clan name for a disgraced Clansman.

Drop - To spawn or land in invasion.

Duel - To fight an enemy 'Mech one-on-one.

Down - Dead or killed.

Double Heat Sink - A larger more powerful form of Heat Sink that weighs more and takes up more space.

Dropship - A vessel used to transport BattleMechs to the surface of a planet. Dropships come in various sizes ranging from smaller aerospace deigns to the massive egg shaped ovoid dropships. Dropships are incapable of interstellar space and must be ferried between star systems via Jumpships.


ECM - Electronic Countermeasures or ECM allow players to hide themselves and teammates from enemy sensors. A 'Mech protected by ECM cannot be targeted by enemies and a 'Mech affected by an enemy ECM cannot share its targets with allies. ECM systems can be set to disrupt any communications and targeting or counter an opponent's ECM.

Endo-Steel Structure - A 'Mech's standard structural elements can be upgraded to Endo-Steel which is lighter but consumes internal space.

Engine - The engine of a 'Mech determines the speed a 'Mech can travel. Larger engines may move faster and carry their own internal heat sinks. Clan OmniMechs are not capable of changing their engines.

Equipment - Any piece of technology not considered a weapon. Equipment includes vital systems like ECM, Sensors and Heat Sinks...

ER PPC - A PPC variant with no minimum range and an increased maximum range at the cost of an increased heat penalty.

Extended Range Laser (ER Laser) - ER lasers feature a considerable increase in range over standard lasers but require a longer time to teal their maximum damage.

Eyes On - A view of the enemy.


Faction - This term refers to any of the ten playable intergalactic nations available in MechWarrior Online.

Faction Rank - Earning LP within a faction earns promotions through the ranks. Each ranks comes with a title and rewards ranging from GXP, cockpit items, MC and more.

Ferro-Fibrous Armor - Standard armor can be upgraded to Ferro-Fibrous armor which weighs less but comes at a cost to internal space.

Flamer - An energy weapon that utilizes directed plasma to overheat enemy 'Mechs.

Flanking - A maneuver where warriors look to attack from the enemy's side.

Form Up - An order to gather forces in a single location.

Friend - A player who has been added to the Friends List.

Freebirth - A Clan insult directed towards a person of natural birth.

Freeborn - The Clan term applied to someone of natural birth.

Fresh - A term for full health.


Gauss Rifle - Gauss Rifles use powerful electromagnets to hurl projectiles incredible distances, similar to early rail guns. Gauss rifles require the pilot to actively charge it before each volley due to its exorbitant consumption of electrical power.

General Experience (GXP) - Experience points earned in-game. GXP can be used to unlock modules and improve the performance of specific 'Mech chassis.

GG - Acronym for good game.

Ghost Drop - To invade a planet in Community Warfare and meet no resistance.

Great Houses - The Houses refer to dynastic families that rule Interplanetary nations that now dominate the Inner Sphere. The Houses have waged constant wars fueled by centuries-old rivalries.

Group - A group of players ranging in size from two to twelve players. Finding a group is important for solo players who wish to meet new, skilled players.


Hand Actuator - An option to give the 'Mech dexterous humanoid hands. Currently only provides Aesthetic value.

Hardpoint - Restriction to the type of weapon or equipment that can be placed within a 'Mech location.

Heat Capacity - The maximum heat load a 'Mech can tolerate before shutting down. Adding Heat Sinks can improve this value.

Heat Dissipation - The rate at which a 'Mech's cooling systems can dispel it's built up heat. Adding more Heat Sinks can improve this statistic.

Heat Generation - The amount of heat a weapon or 'Mech produces.

Heat Sink - Heat sinks are devices used to cool a 'Mech. Adding Sinks increases the 'Mech's total heat capacity and rate of dissipation.

Heavy - Upper weight class of BattleMech - 60 to 75 tons.

Hyper Pulse Generator (HPG) - Massive communication arrays enabling interstellar transmission throughout the Inner Sphere. Originally constructed by the Star League, the HPG network is now under the supervision of ComStar.


ilKhan - The ruler of all the Clans in times of war.

Inner Sphere - An area of space almost six hundred light-years across that spans over two thousand inhabited worlds. At the center of the Inner Sphere is Terra with the territories of the five Great Houses radiating outwards.

Internal Structure - The internal structure of components analogous to a skeleton. Once the internal structure is destroyed the component itself is destroyed.


Jump Jets - A series of jet boosters that can lift 'Mechs to unreachable spots or allow them to gently drift down large drops.

Jumpship - Jumpships are massive interstellar transport crafts capable of moving up to thirty light-years instantaneously. Jumpship production has been lost to the Inner Sphere since the fall of the Star League and as such are extremely limited. No faction would be foolish enough to position their Jumpships near a battlefield and instead use dropships to deploy their troops to a planet's surface.


Khan - The name for the leader of each individual Clan.

Killbox - A group of 'Mechs waiting in a fashion as to ensure they can hit the enemy with fire from all directions.


Lance - Lance is the Inner Sphere term for their standard deployment of 4 'Mechs.

Laser - An energy weapon that focuses potent beams of light on a target. While lasers do not rely on ammunition, they do generate large amounts of heat that limit their effectiveness in hot environments.

Legged - An enemy with a destroyed leg. Legged 'Mechs move much slower and are therefore more vulnerable.

Light - Lightest weight class of BattleMech - 20 to 35 tons.

Light Fusion Engine (LFE) - Light Fusion Engines are an Inner Sphere only engine that weighs less than Standard but more than XL engines. Only uses two side torso slots, allowing the 'Mech to survive the loss of a single torso.

Line - A clear shot on target.

Lobby - A room or queue that players use to set up private matches. Lobby's are present at other times in the game but are invisible to the user.

Location - A section of a 'Mech containing components: equipment and weapons. Locations have their own armor and internal hitpoints and may be destroyed independently of the rest of the 'Mech.

Lock - Term for a target lock that is shared with the rest of a team.

Long Range Missile (LRM) - LRMs can be launched in large bursts at targets far out of view. Friendly targets provide data to those with LRMs to fire at them while far out of sight.

LosTech - Much of the technological capability of Star League was lost during the wars of succession that followed its collapse. LosTech is a treasured commodity to the various successor states who search tirelessly for ancient inventions that might give them an advantage over their rivals.

LB-X Auto Cannon - An auto cannon that delivers its damage across a wide area via a spread shot.

LFG - Looking for Group is a tool that allows players to find other pilots looking to form a semi-permanent play group.

Loyalist - A permanent member of a faction, either by birthright or pledge of allegiance.

Loyalty Points (LP) - Earned by completing contracts for the various factions. Loyalty is gained by completing in-game actions and can be lost by betraying a faction.


Machine Gun - Machine guns are light automatic ballistic weapons useful at close ranges.

MASC - Short for Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry, MASC equipped 'Mechs are capable a rapid acceleration and short bursts of speed. Overuse of MASC can lead to damage to the internal structure of a 'Mech's legs.

Match Maker (MM) - Server program that assigns players looking for a match into teams.

'Mech - Short for BattleMech.

'Mech Bay - 'Mech Bays are required to store 'Mechs. All players are given four 'Mech Bays by default, more may be purchased from the store.

'Mech Experience (XP) - The additional experience earned while piloting a specific chassis. This experience can be converted to GXP at any time for MC.

MechCredits (MC) - Premium currency used to purchase special items and 'Mechs.

Medium - Lower weight class of BattleMech - 40 to 55 tons.

Mercenary - A paid contractor used by the various factions to fill out their ranks.

Missile Lock - Once a target is locked a 'Mech equipped with missiles can establish a missile lock by holding the reticule over the target's general location. Missile locks take several seconds to establish and must be held to ensure the missiles find their target. Missile locks do not require line-of sight as long as a friendly 'Mech maintains their target lock.

MOTD - Stands for Message of the Day, used by unit commanders to give instructions to their subordinates.


Narc Beacon - A locator beacon that once fired and attached to an enemy will relay its position through ECM and even behind cover.


One-Shot - An enemy who is very nearly dead.

OP - Stands for over powered.

Outreach - A Davion world that has become an official hub for mercenaries around the Inner Sphere.

OmniMech - A type of BattleMech created by the Clans capable of swapping its components across its variants. This is useful for pilots looking for an arrangement of weapons and capabilities not found on a single variant.

Omni-Pod - A removable component used in OmniMech construction.

Overheat Shutdown - Once a 'Mech has exceeded its maximum heat load it will automatically shut down to reduce damage to systems.


Pilot - The human operator of a BattleMech.

Ping Time - The time it takes to communicate with the server. A higher ping might result in missed shots or gameplay stutters in extreme cases.

Player Skill Rating (PSR) - Player experience rating with MM uses to prevent matching new players with experienced players.

Point - A forward position with a clear line of sight on the enemy.

Poke - The act of briefly emerging from cover to look or fire at enemy forces.

Pop-Tarting - The act of shooting while in the air using jump jets.

PPC - Short for Particle Projector Cannon, they are potent long range energy weapons capable of dealing large amounts of damage and disrupting enemy ECM systems. Standard Inner Sphere PPCs do not deal damage at close range.

Premium Time - Purchased using MC, premium time increases the rate of XP and C-Bill gain in matches. Premium time is good for new users who wish to catch up with their friends. Premium time also unlocks the ability to host private matches.

PUG - Acronym of Pick Up Gamer, a casual gamer.

Pull Back - To retreat to a safe position.

Pulse Laser - A laser weapon that delivers its damage in concentrated bursts, considerably reducing the time required to deal its max damage.

Push - To move forward as a unit while holding formation.


Quirk - A special trait or ability unique to a particular variant of 'Mech. These quirks are often advantageous but can also be negative in nature.


Range On Target - Long range line-of-sight on an enemy.

Rotate - A maneuver where a group of 'Mechs attempt to move to more advantageous position on a different side of the enemy mass.

Rush - To move towards a location without stopping or consideration for maintaining formation.


Sarna - A Heavily populated world with a long and ancient legacy now under the control of the Federated Suns.

Server - There are currently three server regions around the world. Choosing the location nearest to you can improve your ping.

Short Range Missile (SRM) - SRMs fire a spread of missiles that can quickly weaken large areas of an opponent at close ranges. Pilots may opt to mount guided Streak SRMs to ensure their accuracy while moving at high speeds.

Shutdown Override - Toggling this option will disable the automatic shutdown and allow the pilot continue to operate a 'Mech while it is overheating. This should be considered a last resort as it will most likely be the last thing you do.

Skill Tree - Graphically linear branching system for spending XP to upgrade and customize you 'Mech.

Slots - Slots represent the physical space available inside a 'Mech, once they have been consumed there is no more room inside the chassis for new equipment.

Solaris - A world famous for its gladiatorial games between MechWarriors. Despite its location in Steiner space Solaris is considered neutral ground.

Solaris Skill Rating (SSR) - Rating of a player within Solaris that crosses seasons.

Space Defense System (SDS) - Space Defense Systems were created by the Star League to protect its most valuable worlds. Consisting of orbital weapons platforms and surface naval batteries, an SDS is both a valuable target and asset for any would-be invaders.

Standard Engine - Original engine for 'Mechs. Weighs the most, but is the most compact.

Star League - The League was a union between the Great Houses under the rule of House Cameron. Humanity prospered and progressed for two centuries before House Cameron was destroyed in a coup and the Star League collapsed.

Stravag - Clan name for someone of natural birth.

Successor State - The term applied to the governments run by the Great Houses. These nations have distinct cultures dating back centuries to ancient Terra.

Succession Wars - The wars for control of the Inner Sphere that ensued after the collapse of the Star League.

Strip - To damage the armor on a target. A 'Mech with destroyed armor is considered to be 'stripped'.

Strip 'Mech - Allows the player to remove all equipment, armor and or modules from their 'Mech.


Tackling - The act of blocking an enemy's movement with another 'Mech.

TAG Laser - Short for Target Acquisition Gear. While held on target allows the user to target an ECM protected 'Mech.

Target Calls - It is important to use recognizable codes when calling targets.

A - Alpha, B - Bravo, C - Charlie, D - Delta, E - Echo, F - Foxtrot, G - Golf, H - Hotel, I - India, J - Juliet, K - Kilo L - Lima, M - Mike, N - November, O - Oscar, P - Papa, Q - Quebec, R - Romeo, S - Sierra, T - Tango, U - Uniform V - Victor, W - Whiskey, X - X Ray, Y - Yankee, Z - Zulu

Target Lock - Describes a function of BattleMech sensors that allow a specific target to be tracked and scanned. Once a target is locked its location is shared with other teammates.

Targeting Computer - Increases sensor range, target acquisition time, zoom level and projectile accuracy. Only available to Clan units.

Technology Base - Description for the differences between Inner Sphere and Clan 'Mech design.

Terra - Terra is the home world that lay at the center of the Inner Sphere. Once the seat of power for the mighty Star League, Terra is now administered by ComStar.

Title - A secondary display name that can be unlocked via various means.

Tonnage - Tonnage describes the current weight of the 'Mech. Each 'Mech have a maximum tonnage that governs the equipment they are able to take. Ranging from 25 ton lights to 100 ton assault 'Mechs, the tonnage is a vital statistic to consider when choosing a 'Mech.

Torso Pitch - The vertical tilt of a 'Mech's torso.

Torso Yaw - The horizontal rotation of a 'Mech's torso.

Trade - To exchange fire with an enemy. Inflicting more damage than an opponent is considered a favorable trade.

Trothkin - Used by Clansmen to refer to a family member. Trothkin is often heard on the battlefield by warriors addressing those seen as peers.

Trueborn - The Clan name for a person with a genetically altered birth.

Tukayyid - A backwater world used by ComStar to challenge the overconfident Clan forces into a pitched battle known as the Battle of Tukayyid.

Twist - Short hand for torso twisting. It describes the action of rapidly moving a 'Mech's torso to diffuse damage away from weakened areas.


UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, once deployed, will spot all enemies within its sensor radius and relay the information back to friendly forces.

Ultra Auto Cannon - An auto cannon capable of firing up to two salvos in rapid succession. Due to the complexities of Ultra AC refire systems they are susceptible to jamming.

Unit - A formalized group of players with their own hierarchy and ranks. Units have a tag that is used to identify worlds they were instrumental in capturing.


Variant - A version of chassis with largely the same physical appearance but different hardpoints and capabilities.

Vatborn - A derogatory term for a person from the Clans.


Warden Clan - One of the two schools of Clan society, the Wardens believe the Clans should act as benevolent protectors of the Inner Sphere.

Warship - A larger armed version of a Jumpship used by the Star League Defense Forces. No Warships are known to have survived the Succession Wars and have disappeared from the Inner Sphere. Unlike the Houses, the Clans possess massive fleets of Warships that have given their invasion forces a considerable edge in most interstellar engagements.

Weapons - Items that cause damage to an enemy when fired. Weapons can only be installed by attaching them to appropriate hardpoints.

Weapon Group - A series of weapons that will fire simultaneously. Weapon groups are vital to managing heat and firing patterns. Weapon groups can be set in the MechLab or in-game using the arrow keys.

Weight Class - Refers to the size categories of 'Mechs that range from small 25 ton light 'Mechs to massive 100 ton Assault 'Mechs.


XL Engine - XL ("Extra Light") Engines weigh less than standard engines but consumes space in the side torsos. For the Inner Sphere the additional space required for the engine mean that destroying any torso component will destroy the engine, killing the 'Mech. Clan XL engines allow the 'Mech to survive the loss of a single side torso.



Zellbrigen - A traditional Clan battlefield challenge from one warrior to another. The rules of Zellbrigen dictate that combat are one-on-one duels.