Heavy Mechs

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The Heavy BattleMech weighs in at 60-75 tons.

These 'Mechs tend to balance firepower and armor over speed, making them lethal at both long and short range. Heavy 'Mechs rely on their powerful weapons, thick armor, and moderate speed to march headlong into brawls and deliver massive killing blows to weakened targets.


Inner Sphere


Champion (CHP)

Tonnage: 60

Variants: CHP-1N, CHP-2N, CHP-3N, CHP-1N2, CHP-1NB

Champion: n/a

Hero: Invictus (CHP-INV)

Special: CHP-1N(S)


Dragon (DRG)

Tonnage: 60

Variants: DRG-1C, DRG-1N, DRG-5N

Champion: DRG-5N (C)

Hero: Flame (DRG-Flame), Fang (DRG-Fang)


Quickdraw (QKD)

Tonnage: 60

Variants: QKD-4G, QKD-4H, QKD-5K

Champion: QKD-4G (C)

Hero: IV-Four (QKD-IV4)


Rifleman (RFL)

Tonnage: 60

Variants: RFL-3C, RFL-3N, RLF-5D

Hero: Dao Breaker (RFL-DB), Legend-Killer (RFL-LK)

Special: RFL-3N (S)


Catapult (CPLT)

Tonnage: 65

Variants: CPLT-A1, CPLT-C1, CPLT-C4, CPLT-K2

Champion: CPLT-A1 (C)

Hero: Jester (CPLT-J), Butterbee (CPLT-BB)

Special: CPLT-C1 (F)


Jagermech (JM6)

Tonnage: 65

Variants: JM6-A, JM6-DD, JM6-S

Champion: JM6-A (C)

Hero: Firebrand (JM6-FB)


Roughneck (RGH)

Tonnage: 65

Variants: RGH-1A, RGH-1B, RGH-1C, RGH-2A, RGH-3A

Champion: RGH-1A (C)

Hero: Reaver (RGH-R), Powerhouse (RGH-PH)

Special: RGH-1A (S)


Thunderbolt (TDR)

Tonnage: 65

Variants: TDR-5S, TDR-5SS, TDR-9S, TDR-9SE

Champion: TDR-9SE (C)

Hero: Top Dog (TDR-TD)

Special: TDR-5S (P), TDR-9SE (S)


Archer (ARC)

Tonnage: 70

Variants: ARC-2R, ARC-5S, ARC-5W

Champion: n/a

Hero: Tempest (ACR-T)

Special: ACR-2R (S)


Cataphract (CTF)

Tonnage: 70

Variants: CTF-0XP, CTF-1X, CTF-2X, CTF-3D, CTF-3L, CTF-4X

Champion: CTF-3D (C)

Hero: Ilya Muromets (CTF-IM)

Special: CTF-3L (L)


Grasshopper (GHR)

Tonnage: 70

Variants: GHR-5H, GHR-5J, GHR-5N, GHR-5P

Champion: GHR-5H (C)

Hero: Mjölnir (GHR-MJ)

Special: GHR-5H (S), GHR-5J (R)


Warhammer (WHM)

Tonnage: 70

Variants: WHM-6D, WHM-6R, WHM-7S

Champion: WHM-6D (C)

Hero: Black Widow (WHM-BW)

Special: WHM-6R (S)

Black Knight

Black Knight (BL)

Tonnage: 75

Variants: BL-6-KNT, BL-6B-KNT, BL-7-KNT, BL-7-KNT-L

Champion: n/a

Hero: Partisan (BL-P-KNT)

Special: BL-6-KNT (R)


Marauder (MAD)

Tonnage: 75

Variants: MAD-3R, MAD-5D, MAD-5M

Champion: n/a

Hero: Bounty Hunter II

Special: MAD-3R (S)


Orion (ON1)

Tonnage: 75

Variants: ON1-K, ON1-M, ON1-V, ON1-VA

Champion: ON1-K (C)

Hero: Protector (ON1-P)


Thanatos (TNS)

Tonnage: 75

Variants: TNS-4P, TNS-4S, TNS-5P, TNS-5S, TNS-5T

Champion: n/a

Hero: Hangover (TNS-HA)

Special: TNS-4S (S)


Mad Dog

Mad Dog (MDD)

Tonnage: 60

Variants: MDD-Prime, MDD-A, MDD-B, MDD-C, MDD-H

Champion: MDD-C (C)

Hero: Bandit (MDD-BD), Revenant (MDD-RV)

Special: MDD-Prime (I)



Tonnage: 60

Variants: HLF-1, HLF-2, HLF-A, HLF-B, HLF-C

Champion: n/a

Hero: Void (HLF-VO)

Special: HLF-1(S)

Ebon Jaguar

Ebon Jaguar (EBJ)

Tonnage: 65

Variants: EBJ-Prime, EBJ-A, EBJ-B, EBJ-C, EBJ-D

Champion: EBJ-Prime (C)

Hero: Esprit De Corps (EBJ-ESP)

Special: EBJ-Prime (I), EBJ-Prime (S)


Hellbringer (HBR)

Tonnage: 65

Variants: HBR-A, HBR-B, HBR-F, HBR-P, HBR-Prime

Champion: HBR-F (C)

Hero: Virago (HBR-VI)

Special: HBR-Prime (I), HBR-F (L)


Linebacker (LBK)

Tonnage: 65

Variants: LBK-Prime, LBK-A, LBK-B, LBK-C, LBK-D, LBK-H

Champion: n/a

Hero: Redline (LBK-RL)

Special: LBK-Prime (S), LBK-H (L)

Nova Cat

Nova Cat (NCT)

Tonnage: 70

Variants: NCT-Prime, NCT-A, NCT-B, NCT-C, NCT-D

Champion: n/a

Hero: Cobra Cat (NCT-CC)

Special: NCT-Prime (S)


Summoner (SMN)

Tonnage: 70

Variants: SMN-Prime, SMN-B, SMN-C, SMN-D, SMN-F, SMN-M

Champion: n/a

Hero: Pride (SMN-PD)

Special: SMN-Prime (G), SMN-Prime (I), SMNM-F (L) SMN-M (L)

Sun Spider

Sun Spider (SNS)

Tonnage: 70

Variants: SNS-A, SNS-B, SNS-C, SNS-D, SNS-Prime

Champion: n/a

Hero: Manul (SNS-ML) , Vanguard (SNS-VG)

Special: SNS-Prime (S)

Night Gyr

Night Gyr (NTG)

Tonnage: 75

Variants: NTG-A, NTG-B, NTG-C, NTG-D, NTG-Prime

Champion: n/a

Hero: Jade Kite (NTG-JK)

Special: NTG-Prime (S)

Orion IIC

Orion IIC (ON1-IIC)

Tonnage: 75

Variants: ON1-IIC, ON1-IIC-A, ON1-IIC-B, ON1-IIC-C

Champion: ON1-IIC-A (C)

Hero: Sköll (ON1-IIC-SK)

Special: ON1-IIC (O)

Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf (TBR)

Tonnage: 75

Variants: TBR-Prime, TBR-A, TBR-C, TBR-D, TBR-S

Champion: TBR-C (C)

Hero: Warrant (TBR-WAR)

Special: TBR-Prime (G), TBR-Prime (I)