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The MWO non-battlefield interface has standard top and bottom menus.

Top Menu

Int Top.jpg

Home - Takes you to the landing screen. See Mech Bay for more information.

MechLab - See the loadout of your current 'Mech. See Mech Lab for more information.

Store - Stock your 'Mech stable. See Store for more information.

Comp Play - Takes you to seasonal competitive play.

Faction Play - Fight for the Inner Sphere. See Faction Play for more information.

Solaris - Duel for your Patrons. See Solaris for more information.

Quick Play - Launch into 12v12 battle by yourself or with a group.

Quick Play

Int Top Status.jpg Int Top Server.jpg

Hover over the Quick Play button to see game status information. Matchmaker Status shows you the percentage of 'Mech classes playing at that time. Below are the ping for each of the servers: North American, European and Oceanic. The above image was taken from the western coast of North America.

The small drop menu to the left of the Quick Play button tells MM which servers you are looking to play on. Only selecting the closest server may reduce your in-game latency, but may increase your wait time as MM creates matches.

Bottom Menu

Int Bot Left.jpg Int Bot Mid.jpg Int Bot Right.jpg

Exit Game - Exits the game, or return to the MWO launcher.

Events - Launches the Events browser. View current, upcoming and past special events. Your status is updated after every match.

News - Re-launches the news and promotions window that displayed upon login.

Ticker - Scrolling news; used to remind of active events and server maintenance.

Chat - Opens the chat window.

LFG - Launches the Social window directly to the Looking For Group (LFG) tab

Social - Launches the Social window

Int Bot Social2.jpg

Social Friends Tab

Lists the names of players that either have accepted your friend invitation or you accepted their's. Listed in alphabetical order, online first.

Social Unit Tab

Lists the names of players in your Unit. Listed in alphabetical order, online first.

Social Alerts Tab

Lists the social alerts you received, such as friend invitations, group invitations or lobby invitations.

Social LFG Tab

Int Bot LFG.jpg

Join the Looking For Group queue, which allows group leaders to find you. A good way to join a group if you are not already the group leader's friend or in their Unit.

Social Blocked Tab

Lists the names of players who you have blocked from chat communication.

Social Name Menu

Int Bot Name.jpg

Select one of the names in the Social window opens a sub-menu - send them a message, invite them to your unit, block them from chat, remove them from your friends list, or view their Solaris card. If you are the group or lobby leader you will also see the option to send them a group or lobby invitation.


Select the Social window Create Group button to start a group that you can invite friends and Unit members to. Note, if you are a group leader Unit members can see you are a group leader and can directly join your group without an invitation from you.

Int Bot Group.jpg

The above group has an Atlas assault 'Mech and a Hunchback medium 'Mech. Within a Quick Play group there are combined tonnage limits that the group must stay within, and the limits change depending on the number of players within your group.

Group Tonnage Limits
Group Size Min Group Tonnage Max Group Tonnage Per Player
2 40 200 100
3 80 255 85
4 120 280 70
5 180 325 65
6 240 360 60
7 300 410 58.5
8 360 460 57.5
9 395 495 55
10 400 510 51
12 500 600 50

You cannot form an 11-player Quick Play group, as there are no solo players in the group queue to complete a 12-player team.

Int Bot GroupReady2.jpg

When each player in the group is ready to drop into the match they click the "Not Ready" button, changing their status to "Ready". The group leader, indicated by the "crown" at the left, can then select the Group Launch button. It has the same server select drop menu as Quick Play. The Mech Select button allows players to select a new 'Mech without leaving the group.

Groups are made this way for Quick Play, Faction Play and Solaris (two players maximum). Change the type of group with the Group Type at the top left of the group window.