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Ranging from 20-35 tons, these Light BattleMechs generally prioritize mobility over armor and firepower.

The relative speed and agility of a Light 'Mech allows it to pick apart heavier BattleMechs that may a difficult time keeping their weapons trained on a fast moving target. Light BattleMechs make the best Scouts, and can quickly and quietly reach the front lines to relay critical target information back to its teammates.


Inner Sphere


Flea (FLE)

Tonnage: 20

Variants: FLE-15, FLE-17, FLE-19, FLE-20, FLE-FA

Champion: n/a

Hero: Romeo 5000 (FLE-R5K)

Special: FLE-17(S)


Locust (LCT)

Tonnage: 20

Variants: LCT-1E, LCT-1M, LCT-1V, LCT-3M, LCT-3S, LCT-3V

Champion: LCT-1E(C)

Hero: Pirates' Bane (LCT-PB)

Special: LCT-1V(P)


Commando (COM)

Tonnage: 25

Variants: COM-1B, COM-1D, COM-2D, COM-3A

Champion: COM-1D(C)

Hero: The Death's Knell (COM-TDK)


Javelin (JVN)

Tonnage: 30

Variants: JVN-10F, JVN-10N, JNV-10P, JVN-11A, JVN-11B

Champion: n/a

Hero: Hi There! (JVN-HT)

Special: JVN-10N(S), JVN-11F(L)


Osiris (OSR)

Tonnage: 30

Variants: OSR-1P, OSR-1V, OSR-2V, OSR-3D, OSR-4D

Champion: OSR-1V(C)

Hero: Sekhmet (OSR-SK)

Special: OSR-3D(S)


Spider (SDR)

Tonnage: 30

Variants: SDR-5D, SDR-5K, SDR-5V

Champion: SDR-5K(C)

Hero: Anasi (SDR-A)


Urbanmech (UM)

Tonnage: 30

Variants: UM-R60, RM-R60L, UM-R63, UM-R68

Champion: n/a

Hero: K-9 (UM-K9), Street Cleaner (UM-SC)

Special: UM-R63(S), UM-R68(L)


Firestarter (FS9)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: FS9-A, FS9-H, FS9-K, FS9-S

Champion: FS9-S(C)

Hero: Ember (FS9-E), Firestorm (FS9-FS)


Jenner (JR7)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: JR7-D, JR7-F, JR7-K

Champion: JR7-F(C)

Hero: Oxide (JR7-O)

Special: JR7-D(F), JR7-D(S)


Panther (PNT)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: PNT-8Z, PNT-9R, PNT-10K, PNT-10P

Champion: PNT-10K(C)

Hero: Katana Kat (PNT-KK)

Special: PNT-10K(R), PNT-10K(S)


Raven (RVN)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: RVN-2X, RVN-3L, RVN-4X

Champion: RVN-3L(C)

Hero: Huginn (RVN-H)

Special: RVN-3L(S)


Wolfhound (WLF)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: WLF-1, WLF-1A, WLF-1B, WLF-2

Champion: WLF-1(C)

Hero: Grinner (WLF-GR)

Special: WLF-2(R)



Piranha (PIR)

Tonnage: 20

Variants: PIR-1, PIR-2, PRI-3, PIR-A, PIR-B

Champion: n/a

Hero: Cipher (PIR-CI)

Special: PIR-1(S)

Mist Lynx

Mist Lynx (MLX)

Tonnage: 25

Variants: MLX-Prime, MLX-A, MLX-B, MLX-C, MLX-D, MLX-G

Champion: MLX-Prime(C)

Hero: Ebon Dragoon (MLX-ED)

Special: MLX-Prime(I), MLX-Prime(S)

Arctic Cheetah

Arctic Cheetah (ACH)

Tonnage: 30

Variants: ACH-Prime, ACH-A, ACH-B, ACH-C, ACH-E

Champion: ACH-Prime(C)

Hero: Shard (ACH-SD)

Special: ACH-Prime(I), ACH-Prime(S)

Kit Fox

Kit Fox (KFX)

Tonnage: 30

Variants: KFX-Prime, KFX-C, KFX-D, KFX-G, KFX-S

Champion: n/a

Hero: Purifier (KFX-P)

Special: KFX-Prime(G), KFX-Prime(I), KFX-G(L)


Incubus (INC)

Tonnage: 30

Variants: INC-1, INC-2, INC-3, INC-4, INC-5

Champion: n/a

Hero: Sabre (INC-SA)

Special: INC-1(S)


Adder (ADR)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: ADR-Prime, ADR-A, ADR-B, ADR-D

Champion: ADR-Prime(C)

Hero: Cinder (ADR-CN)

Special: ADR-Prime(G), ADR-Prime(I)


Cougar (COU)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: COU-Prime, COU-C, COU-D, COU-E, COU-H

Champion: n/a

Hero: Blood Adder (COU-BA)

Special: COU-Prime(S)

Jenner IIC

Jenner IIC (JR7-IIC)

Tonnage: 35

Variants: JR7-IIC, JR7-IIC-2, JR7-IIC-3, JR7-IIC-A

Champion: JR7-IIC(C)

Hero: Fury (JR7-IIC-FY)

Special: JR7-IIC(O)