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The "Mech Bay" is the general term for the game interface when you are not on the battlefield. This section will break down the screens and menus piece by piece. Because this interface must work on many different monitors and resolutions, the Mech Bay is very modular. The below images were taken on a 1920 x 1080 display.

Home Screen

After you login to MWO and after every match you are presented with the MWO Home Screen.

Mech Bay.jpg

1. Pilot Info - Your pilot name, Title and Pilot Skill Rating (PSR). The bar at the bottom fills as you get closer to the next higher rating. Your name and title are displayed above your 'Mech on the battlefield. See [Title/Badges] for more information on titles.

2. Unit Info - Your Unit name, Unit tag and number of members. If you are not a member of a Unit, this is left blank.

3. Currently Selected BattleMech - Information about your current 'Mech: class, tonnage, chassis, variant, nickname, assigned skill points and your experience in this 'Mech. You can convert your XP in this individual 'Mech into GXP (using MC)

These three windows may be minimized to give you a better view of your 'Mech. Next to the bottom window is a camera icon. Select this to enable a first person camera, as if you were walking on the floor of the Mech Bay.

4. Wallet - Your economic information: amount of premium time, MechCredits (MC), COMSTAR bills (C-Bills) and General Experience (GXP). Here you can activate stored premium time and purchase additional MC (via your default web browser).

5. Side Menu - Home screen sub-menus. Details below:

Side Menu: Select 'Mech

Select Mech.jpg

Displays all the 'Mechs you can pilot - the ones you own and trial 'Mechs. You can filter by technology base (Inner Sphere or Clan) and/or class (Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault) and sub-filter for Champion, Hero and Special variants. You can order by class or chassis, ascending or descending. You can declare any 'Mech you own as a "favorite", and filter on that setting.