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The "MechLab" is where you build your 'Mech. The figure below shows an Atlas AS7-D-DC. Because this interface must work on many different monitors and resolutions, the Mech Bay is very modular. The below images were taken on a 1920 x 1080 display.

MechLab Interface

Stock AS7-D-DC

1. 'Mech Layout - The 'Mech is displayed as a schematic with every location's slots available for use.

2. Warehouse - All components that can be installed on the 'Mech are shown here. The contents of each tab will dynamically change depending on the hardpoints. If you install components that you do not currently own you will be charged when to select "Save".

3. 'Mech Stats - Dynamic listing of 'Mech information, updated as components are added. Selecting the top-left symbol will expand the window to show full 'Mech details. Also has buttons to strip your 'Mech, reset any un-saved changes, and take the currently configured 'Mech (even if not yet saved) into the Testing Grounds.

4. 'Mech Upgrades - Drop menus to allow for upgrades to armor and structure (see Armor/Structure for more information), heat sinks (see Heat for more information and missile guidance (see Artemis for more information).

5. Side Menu - MechLab screen sub-menus. Details below.

6. Build Warnings - A red triangle is a build alert, there is an error that will not allow the 'Mech to launch into a match. A yellow triangle is a build warning; the 'Mech can launch into a match but the MechLab is warning you about your build. Examples include locations missing armor, heat increases due to simultaneous weapon usage and weapons missing ammunition.

Using the MechLab

When you buy a 'Mech it typically will be configured in a default, or "stock", configuration. Champion 'Mechs are the exception. We will now strip our AS7 and build it into a short-range brawler.

MechLab Layout

The above image was using the "Layout: Expanded" view of the MechLab. For players with smaller displays there is also the "Layout:Column": option. Select the drop-menu at the top right of the Warehouse and select your choice.
Layout Point.jpg
The column layout collapses the 'Mech locations and Upgrades window into a single column. You can expand each by clicking on its name. For simplicity will well use the expanded view.
Column Layout.jpg

MechLab AS7 stripped.jpg

We stripped the 'Mech using the Mech Stats | Strip 'Mech button, and selected Strip All Equipment and Strip all Armor options. There is usually no reason to remove so much armor, but we wanted to show how a completely stripped 'Mech with standard structure weigh 10% of its available tonnage. Note the red warning triangle

Fixed components within locations are shown in grey - they cannot be removed. Empty Slots are available for components. We will build our Atlas below.



Select the Weapons and open the Ballistics menu. Here is a listing of all Inner Sphere ballistic weapons and their size (slots), weight (tons), cost (C-Bills) and the Amount you already have in your inventory. The amount value does not include components equipped on other 'Mechs.

AC20 Details.jpg

If you select the AC/20, a pop up window appears giving more information: damage, heat, cooldown, optimal range, max range, projectile speed, weapon health and a graphic showing how damage reduces over range. See Weapons for more information.

AC20 RT.jpg

Select the AC/20 and drag it onto the 'Mech right torso. The AC/20 is now equipped, and the 'Mech Stats table changes. If you hover your mouse over the AC/20 you see the same details pop up window from the Ballistics menu. Similarly we install a medium laser into each arm. Before equipping the SRM/6s we upgrade the missile guidance to Artemis, and then drag three SRM/6s into the left torso.

'Mech Stats

'Mech Upgrades

Build Warnings

Side Menu