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<p class="article-intro">These 40-55 ton 'Mechs can carry a wide range of weapon systems while still favoring speed over armor.</p>
<p class="article-intro">These 40-55 ton 'Mechs can carry a wide range of weapon systems while still favoring speed over armor.</p>
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'''Special''': VGL-1 (S)
'''Special''': VGL-1 (S)

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These 40-55 ton 'Mechs can carry a wide range of weapon systems while still favoring speed over armor.

While they generally excel as Brawler 'Mechs, their blend of traits means the Medium class of 'Mech is capable of filling many roles on the battlefield. Medium 'Mechs usually avoid frontal assaults, and excel at quick flanking attacks on slower prey.


Inner Sphere


Assassin (ASN)

Tonnage: 40

Variants: ASN-21, ASN-23, ASN-26, ASN-27, ASN-101

Champion: ASN-101 (C)

Hero: Darkdeath (ASN-DD)

Special: ASN-21(S)


Cicada (CDA)

Tonnage: 40

Variants: CDA-2A, CDA-2B, CDA-3C, CDA-3F, CDA-3M

Champion: CDA-2A (C)

Hero: X-5 (CDA-X5)

Special: CDA-3F(L)


Vulcan (VL)

Tonnage: 40

Variants: VL-2T, VL-5M, VL-5S, VT-5T, VT-6M

Champion: n/a

Hero: Bloodlust (VL-BL)

Special: VL-2T(S)


Blackjack (BJ)

Tonnage: 45

Variants: BJ-1, BJ-1DC, BJ-1X, BJ-2, BJ-3

Champion: BJ-1 (C)

Hero: Arrow (BJ-A)

Special: BJ-2 (L)


Hellspawn (HSN)

Tonnage: 45

Variants: HSN-7D, HSN-7P, HSN-8E, HSN-8P, HSN-9F

Champion: n/a

Hero: Paralyzer (HSN-7D2)

Special: HSN-7D (S)

Phoenix Hawk

Phoenix Hawk (PXH)

Tonnage: 45

Variants: PXH-1, PXH-1B, PXH-1K, PXH-2, PXH-3S

Champion: PXH-2 (C)

Hero: Kuroi Kiri (PXH-KK), ROC (PXH-R)

Special: PXH-1 (S)


Vindicator (VND)

Tonnage: 45

Variants: VND-1AA, VND-1R, VND-1X

Champion: VND-1AA (C)

Hero: St. Ives' Blues (VND-SIB)


Centurion (CN9)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: CN9-A, CN9-AH, CN9-AL, CH9-D

Champion: CN9-A (C)

Hero: Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW)

Special: CN9-A (NCIX), CN9-AH (L)


Crab (CRB)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: CRB-20, CRB-27, CRB-27B, CRB-27SL

Champion: CRB-27B (C)

Hero: Florentine (CRB-FL)

Special: CRB-27 (R), CRB-27B (S)


Enforcer (ENF)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: ENF-4P, ENF-4R, ENF-5D, ENF-5P

Champion: ENF-4R (C)

Hero: Ghillie (ENF-GH)

Special: ENF-5D (R)


Hunchback (HBK)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: HBK-4G, HBK-4H, HBK-4J, HBK-4P, HBK-4SP

Champion: HBK-4P (C)

Hero: Grid Iron (HBK-GI)

Special: HBK-4G (F), HBK-4P (S), HBK-GI (LTD)


Trebuchet (TBT)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: TBT-3C, TBT-5J, TBT-5N, TBT-7K, TBT-7M

Champion: TBT-7M (C)

Hero: Loup de Guerre (TBT-LDG)


Uziel (UZL)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: UZL-2S, UZL-3P, UZL-3S, UZL-5P, UZL-6P

Champion: UZL-3P (C)

Hero: Belial (UZL-BL)

Special: UZL-3S (S)


Bushwacker (BSW)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: BSW-P1, BSW-P2, BSW-S2, BSW-X1, BSW-X2

Champion: BSW-S2 (C)

Hero: High Roller (BSR-HR)

Special: BSW-X1 (S)


Griffin (GRF)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: GRF-1N, GRF-1S, GRF-2N, GRF-3M, GRF-5M

Champion: GRF-1S (C)

Hero: Sparky (GRF-S), Ares (GRF-AR)

Special: GRF-1N (P), GRF-5M (L)


Kintaro (KTO)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: KTO-18, KTO-19, KTO-20

Champion: KTO-18 (C)

Hero: Golden Boy (KTO-GB)

Shadow Hawk

Shadow Hawk (SHD)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: SHD-2D, SHD-2D2, SHD-2H, SHD-2K, SHD-5M

Champion: SHD-2H (C)

Hero: Gray Death (SHD-GD)

Special: SHD-2H (P)


Wolverine (WVR)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: WVR-6K, WVR-6R, WVR-7D, WVR-7K

Champion: WVR-6K (C)

Hero: Qauarantine (WVR-Q)

Special: WVR-6R (P), WVR-7D(L)


Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf (ACW)

Tonnage: 40

Variants: ACW-Prime, ACW-1, ACW-2, ACW-A, ACW-P

Champion: n/a

Hero: Blood Kit (ACW-BK)

Special: ACW-Prime (S)


Viper (VPR)

Tonnage: 40

Variants: VPR-Prime, VPR-A, VPR-B, VPR-C, VPR-D

Champion: n/a

Hero: Medusa (VPR-M)

Special: VPR-Prime (S)

Ice Ferret

Ice Ferret (IFR)

Tonnage: 45

Variants: IFR-Prime, IFR-A, IFR-B, IFR-C, IFR-D, IFR-P

Champion: n/a

Hero: Rainbow Crow (IFR-RC)

Special: IFR-Prime (I)

Shadow Cat

Shadow Cat (SHC)

Tonnage: 45

Variants: SHC-Prime, SHC-A, SHC-B, SHC-H, SHC-P

Champion: SHC-Prime (C)

Hero: Mishipeshu (SHC-MS)

Special: SHC-Prime (I), SHC-Prime (S)

Hunchback IIC

Hunchback-IIC (HBK-IIC)

Tonnage: 50


Champion: HBK-IIC (C)

Hero: Deathwish (HBK-IIC-DW)

Special: HBK-IIC (O)


Huntsman (HMN)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: HMN-Prime, HMN-A, HMN-B, HMN-C, HMN-P

Champion: n/a

Hero: Pakhet (HMN-PK)

Special: HMN-Prime (S)


Nova (NVA)

Tonnage: 50

Variants: NVA-Prime, NVA-A, NVA-B, NBA-C, NVA-D, NVA-S

Champion: NVA-S (C)

Hero: Breaker (NVA-BR)

Special: NVA-Prime (G), NVA-Prime (I), NVA-D(L)

Black Lanner

Black Lanner (BKL)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: BKL-Prime, BKL-A, BKL-C, BKL-D, BKL-E

Champion: n/a

Hero: Bellonarius (BKL-BEL)

Special: BKL-Prime (S)


Stormcrow (SCR)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: SCR-Prime, SCR-A, SCR-B, SCR-C, SCR-D

Champion: SCR-Prime (C)

Hero: Lacerator (SCR-LC)

Special: SCR-Prime (G), SCR-Prime (I), SCR-Prime (S)

Vapor Eagle

Vapor Eagle (VGL)

Tonnage: 55

Variants: VGL-1, VGL-2, VGL-3, VGL-4, VGL-A

Champion: n/a

Hero: Rival (VGL-RI)

Special: VGL-1 (S)