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This page contains game play mechanics that do not logically belong in existing pages.

Clan ERPPC Splash

When it hits the Clan extended-range particle projection cannon (ERPPC) splashes additional damage to 'Mech locations next to the location that is struck. The splash damages the near by locations for half the direct hit value.

  • If the Clan ERPPC hits the leg, the splash damages the corresponding side torso (ST)
  • If the Clan ERPPC hits the arm, the splash damages the corresponding ST
  • If the Clan ERPPC hits the ST, the splash damages the corresponding arm and center torso (CT)
  • If the Clan ERPPC hits the CT, the splash damage both ST
  • If the Clan ERPPC hits the cockpit, the splash damages the CT

When the arm or leg is hit the splash goes to the front or rear ST armor depends on the target BattleMech's facing relative to the attacker - i.e. if the attacker is in front of the target all ERPPC splash damage from a hit on the arm or leg affects the front ST armor.

Cockpit Shake

Ballistic, missile and PPC weapons cause target 'Mech instability when they hit. In MWO this causes the cockpit and weapon reticle to shake and visual weapon effects fill the target BattleMech's screen. The "Improved Gyros" skill tree node can reduce this shaking.

The cockpit/reticle shake also occurs during active jump jet use and after firing two heavy Gauss rifles simultaneously.

Missile Hardpoint Doors

Certain 'Mechs have doors in front of their missile bay tubes. While closed these door provide a 20% damage reduction for the for the 'Mechs location that holds the missile hardpoint. These doors open immediately when a missile fires and close 1.25 seconds afterwards. While the doors are open the damage reduction is removed.