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A tactical, 'Mech-based online shooter set in the rich BattleTech Universe.



The battlefields of the 31st century are perilous, dominated by mechanized units known as BattleMechs. Piloting these advanced war machines are the most elite soldiers the galaxy has ever known. To most, they are known simply as MechWarriors.

Piloting a 'Mech to victory requires a mastery of tactical positioning, teamwork, and firing discipline. Strike out as a Lone Wolf or seek out one of the many player-controlled Units and fight under the banners of powerful galactic empires for prestige, wealth, or nothing more than the sheer thrill of battle.



Next Gen Mobility

By the 31st century tanks have evolved to take on humanoid shape, their treads replaced with nimble legs. Like modern tanks 'Mechs move their upper torso and weapons independently of their legs offering unparalleled mobility while exchanging fire. Depending on their size, BattleMechs travel at vastly different speeds and offer different systems like jump jets to aid in their locomotion.

Make every shot count

Pilots must balance mobility and damage output against the amount of heat generated from their weapons fire and 'Mech operation, lest they risk the temporary loss of power that comes when a 'Mech overheats. Firing all weapons simultaneously (known as an Alpha Strike) can be the quickest way to devastate an opponent, but may leave a 'Mech helpless against its enemies if the heat sinks can't handle the stress.

Fight Smart

'Mechs possess both external armor and strong internal structural elements to help minimize the chance of a 'quick kill'. As a result, pilots must treat each encounter with the utmost attention and awareness, prioritizing weaker or more critical components before delivering the killing blow. Communication among teammates and the effective use of targeting systems can help to identify vulnerable 'Mechs and components.

Teamwork is the Difference

Targeting a 'Mech will automatically allow your teammates to achieve their own lock, allowing them to ascertain vital location data, armor status, and loadout details for the targeted enemy. Information Warfare can be a vital component for victory, providing attack-focused allies with the necessary information to tear their opponents to pieces.

Information Warfare

While fast-moving scouts feed target and tactical information back to the main battle group and the team commander, long-range Support and heavy-hitting Brawler and Assault ‘Mechs will use this information to position themselves for the perfect strike. Pilots can also shield themselves and allies from enemy sensors and weapons fire using various counter measures. It is up to each pilot to customize their BattleMech loadout to fulfill their desired role.

Find the perfect 'Mech

Hundreds of unique 'Mechs are available, offering with a wide range of strengths and weaknesses. Smaller 'Mechs should never stop moving, and can rely on their sheer speed to overwhelm heavier opponents. Larger 'Mechs move slow and deliberate but can stand toe-to-toe with other large opponents. Acquire and test different 'Mechs to find those that best suit your play style.

Choose Your Allegiance

Work for the powerful empires of the galaxy to earn their loyalty and spread their influence across the stars. Band together with other pilots using the Looking For Group feature, or use the Faction Chat feature to coordinate offensive and defensive strategies to capture or defend worlds and shift the balance of power.

Get Rewarded

Pilots earn ComStar Bills (C-Bills) from playing matches and completing faction contracts, which can be used to purchase new 'Mechs and equipment.

Certain items can only be purchased using premium 'Mech Credits (MC). MC can either be purchased directly via real world money or acquired in smaller increments in-game by earning reputation with a Faction in the Faction Play game mode, or as rewards from participating in special Events.

'Mech Experience (XP) gained during combat is applied to the 'Mech used during that match, and can be used to unlock improvements to various BattleMech systems.

MechWarrior Online also includes a host of achievements to unlock that will challenge even the most skilled players.

Battlefield Roles

The Scout, Brawler, Support and Assault roles represent the pillars of 'Mech combat. Pilots must choose a 'Mech chassis and equip the ideal weapons and equipment for whichever combat role suits them best.



Whether tracking enemy movements or launching quick and disruptive flank attacks, Scouts should never stop moving. Mobility is the key to success.

Optimal Class(es): Light

Firepower: Low

Mobility: Very High

Armor: Very Low



Specialized for close-quarters combat, Brawlers feature heavy armor and weapons within a flexible, agile chassis.

Optimal Class(es): Medium and Heavy

Firepower: Medium

Mobility: Medium

Armor: Medium



Capable of fielding a large amount of long range weapons, and particularly effective when augmented with targeting modules, Support ‘Mechs are most invaluable when operating at-range.

Optimal Class(es): Heavy and Assault

Firepower: High

Mobility: Low

Armor: Medium



Assaults are expected to be well protected and field immense amounts of weaponry. Their job is to take point and break the enemy line with a steady stream of fire.

Optimal Class(es): Assault

Firepower: Very High

Mobility: Very Low

Armor: Very High

The Inner Sphere

The year is 3051. Humanity has conquered the stars in an area of space referred to as the Inner Sphere. This expanse has long been a battlefield for powerful interplanetary nations known as the Great Houses, but a mysterious and overwhelming force has just breached the periphery. The Clan Invasion is under way, and the Great Houses must unite against this common enemy if they are to have any hope of maintaining their power.

The great houses


These empires were once united under the banner of the Star League, a union of states that reigned as a bastion of law and order for centuries. The League's eventual collapse plunged the Houses into an era known as the Succession Wars, a series of brutal conflicts for the right to rule over the Inner Sphere. Centuries of perpetual war erased much of humanity's accomplishments and devastated the Inner Sphere into a new dark age.

The Clans


While the Great Houses vie for what little remains, an old threat has emerged from deep space to topple the feuding empires and restore absolute order to the Inner Sphere. The Clans are descendants of the Star League Defense Forces, and have returned from a self-imposed exile to claim the Inner Sphere as their own. Tempered by isolation and bred for war, the Clans bear little resemblance to their benevolent Star League progenitors.