Purchasing Skill Tree Points

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Clicking the 'Add SP' button located in the 'Mech Enhancements window will bring the player to the associated Skill Point purchase windows. If the player possess any amount of GSP or HSP as a result of their account refund and transfer they will first be prompted to choose whether they wish to draw from that pool of available GSP or HSP, or whether they wish to purchase a Skill Point outright using C-Bills and XP. If they do not possess any GSP or HSP they will be taken straight to the standard Skill Point Purchase window shown in an image further below.

In the example directly below the player is looking to allocate or purchase Skill Points for one of their Warhammer WHM-BW Black Widow 'Mechs. They have a total of 14,378 GSP from their Module refund, along with 273 HSP available to all WHM-BW variants as a result of their Master Skill status under the original Skill system.


Using GSP or HSP will require that the player transfer those Skill Points to their specific 'Mech variant for use in its Skill Tree. Once GSP or HSP has been transferred from the pool to a specific 'Mech it cannot be reverted.

In the example image below the player is looking to transfer a total of 91 Skill Points from their pool of WHM-BW HSP to one of their three WHM-BW variants. While all eligible Nodes can be purchased, only 91 Skill Nodes can be Active at once. This player is intending to acquire 28 Nodes in this session, as indicated by the Current SP Requirement area of the window.

In this example the player is only using some of the HSP available with their WHM-BW chassis for this transfer, choosing to reserve the more versatile GSP pool for other 'Mechs.


If the player has no GSP or HSP from which to draw they will instead be taken straight to the standard Skill Point purchase window after clicking the 'Add SP' button inside the 'Mech Enhancements window. From here the player will determine how many Skill Points they wish to acquire using their current pool of 'Mech XP, GXP, and if applicable, HXP.

The player can increment the number of Skill Points per-XP type by using the plus and minus icons, or by dragging the slider itself. Doing so will increment the amount of XP spent by 800 for each Skill Point. The amount of C-Bills required will update automatically according to the number of Skill Points they are purchasing.

In the example below the same player is instead looking to use a combination of HXP and GXP to acquire 91 SP for this WHM-BW variant. Note however that they still only have 28 Nodes currently selected for purchase; this player is intending to use the rest of their SP later.