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The Quirks systems increases variety and competitive balance between different 'Mechs and variants. Quirks provide small buffs can and emphasize a particular specialty.

Quirks stack, so if a 'Mech has a +10% quirk for Lasers and additionally +10% quirk for Medium Lasers, they are added together for a +20% quirk if Medium Lasers are equiped.

Quirks cover the following categories:

  • Internal Structure
  • Armor
  • Maneuverability (Pitch, Yaw, etc.)
  • Chassis
    • Heat Dissipation (applies to any weapon)
    • Heat Generation (applies to any weapon)
    • Weapon Cooldown (applies to any weapon)
    • Weapon Range (applies to any weapon)
    • Target Decay
    • Overheat Damage
    • Receive Critical Damage
  • General Weapon Types
    • Energy (Cooldown, Heat Generation, Range)
    • Ballistic (Cooldown, Heat Generation, Range, Velocity)
    • Missile (Cooldown, Heat Generation, Range, Velocity, Spread)
  • Specific Ballistic Weapon Types (Cooldown, Heat Generation, Range, Velocity)
    • Ballistic/AC and individual ACs
    • Ballistic/LB-X and individual LB-Xs (includes Spread)
    • Ballistic/UAC and individual UACs (includes Jam Chance)
    • Ballistic/Gauss and individual Gauss Rifles
    • Ballistic/Machine Gun (Rate of Fire)
  • Specific Energy Weapon Types (Cooldown, Heat Generation, Range, Duration)
    • Energy/Standard Laser and individual Lasers
    • Energy/Heavy Laser and individual Heavy Lasers
    • Energy/ER Laser and individual ER Lasers
    • Energy/Pulse Laser and individual Pulse Lasers
    • Energy/PPC and individual PPCs
    • Energy/Flamer
  • Specific Missile Weapon Types (Cooldown, Heat Generation, Range, Velocity, Spread)
    • Missile/LRM and individual LRMs
    • Missile/MRM and individual MRMs
    • Missile/SRM and individual SRMs
    • Missile/SSRM and individual SSRMs
    • Missile/RL and individual RLs
    • Missile/Narcs
  • Utility
    • AMS (Rate of Fire, Range)
    • Sensor Range
    • Target Decay Duration