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Unlocking Skills in the Sensors Tree will help ensure the various sensor systems of the player's 'Mech are running at their full potential.

Target Info Gathering
Decreases the duration of time required for gathering detailed target information from an enemy 'Mech.
Sensor Range
Boosts the range of your sensors.
Target Decay
Increases the duration of time a 'Mech can be tracked after it leaves line of sight.
Target Retention
Allows retention of target information when the enemy moves behind your 'Mech.
Advanced Zoom
Enables the use of a picture-in-picture long range zoom.
Seismic Sensor
Enables the detection and identification of enemy 'Mechs via ground vibrations. Your 'Mech must be stationary for this to function.
Radar Deprivation
Reduces the duration of time you remain targeted after breaking line of sight against the enemy.
Enhanced ECM
Decreases the maximum range at which a friendly 'Mech being protected by your ECM can be targeted.

Adapted from the May 2017 patch notes.