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After every match, players will earn Supply Cache Points (SCP) which are displayed in a progression bar. A new element in the game's front end displays progress to the next Supply Cache. When a player earns enough SCP to fill the progression bar, they will be awarded a Supply Cache which contains all kinds of rewards, and then resets the SCP progression bar back to zero and the process repeats. Once a player has earned a Supply Cache, the contents inside of it can be viewed. Each Supply Cache contains 4 items randomly picked from an item pool based on the Supply Cache's rarity. All 4 items are given to the player when the Supply Cache is opened.

With the April 2017 patch supply caches are only available via Quick Play and Faction Play progress. They will be purchasable in a future patch.

Supply Cache

There are four levels of supply cache
Ultra Rare

The level of awarded item is random. For example, you may gain Uncommon items in a Common supply cache.

There are unique Solaris supply caches given to the player from Patron and Sponsors via the Accolade system. The Solaris supply caches range from Level 2 to Level 10. This is how the player can gain cosmetic Bolt-ons items.