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You can now battle with even more style with the Bolt-On 'Mech customization in the MechLab. This new customization has been added to the Camo Spec panel where you will be able to mount these bolt-ons on your 'Mech's head, left arm, right arm, spine, left shoulder, right shoulder, left elbow and right elbow if available. All Bolt-ons can be purchased with MC or won through the all new Solaris Supply Cache system. Your 'Mech's equipped Bolt-Ons, earned and purchased in Solaris, will also be visible in all of MWO's game modes including Quick Play and Faction Play.


Note that any weapon damage in a match will cause the Bolt-Ons to fall off your 'Mech. Bolt-ons do not absorb/block/transfer incoming damage. If the Bolt-on is struck, but the 'Mech's hitbox is not, no damage will be done to the 'Mech and the Bolt-on will fall off.